Tuesday, 7 August 2012

requested: My Daily Skin Care Routine!

Hi dolls! Two of my lovely viewers requested I do a post on my daily skin care routine. I actually filmed a video a while back but just never uploaded it. (covers face).
To begin with, I'm quite a herbal person only because I feel the need to avoid using too many processed stuff (chemicals, chemicals, chemicals!) on my skin. My mum is into skin care, so I get all my herbal/natural products from her. Regardless, I use non-herbal products as well. My routine is pretty much the same morning and night, the only difference is that at night, I use face wipes, Johnsons daily face wipes and Clean and Clear eye makeup remover to take off my makeup.

Clean and Clear eye makeup remover

Let's Begin!
1. The first thing I do is to cleanse my skin with this pink looking herbal cleanser which my mum makes. I just pour a little on a cotton pad, and gently use over my face and neck area.

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2. I then wet my face a little and apply a creamy minty cleanser from Clean and Clear over my face and neck area. I massage it gently into my skin and leave for a minute or two and then rinse off.
Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

3. The next thing I do is to wash my face with yet another cleanser (huge sucker for cleansers!). Since it comes in form of a wash, I serves both as a cleanser and a wash for me.
Clean and Clear morning burst skin brightening cleanser
4. The next cleanser I use is a lil tricky. I call it the 'savlon solution'. What I do is, pour Savlon disinfectant into 1/8th of an empty bottle and then fill the rest of the bottle with water. It was recommended to my friend Ada, by her doctor fiance to help cure her acne problems. I decided to also try it out and this solution works wonders! Please note Savlon and not any other disinfectant was recommended because of its mild nature that makes it even suitable for use on babies' skin. I just wet a cotton pad and apply all over my face and neck area.
Savlon solution

5. I then mosturise my face using Clear Essence Complexion Creme (Platinum line) which I use for my body as well. For my face, I like to add a little of Rosewater and glycerin by Boots and a very small amount of Johnson's baby oil to my cream.
For my body however, I add a little of Rosewater and glycerin by Boots and more of the Jhnson's baby oil for more moisture. I also use the Clear Essence fade gel on my laps because of the discolorations I have there

Glycerin and rosewater/Clear Essence Cream

6. Once a week, I like to exfoliate using yet another herbal product which comprises mostly of sea salt. I'll elaborate more on how I exfoliate in another post.

For the rest of my body, I use another herbal soap which my mum makes also. It's a mixture of native soap, avocado, palm kernel oil and a few other herbs. I also use Body Shop's Olive shower gel simply because I love its scent.

Pls note that I do not use face towels! I allow the products to dry into my skin because they're more effective that way.
For any questions, please leave them in the comment box below or TWEET ME! @dorrannedoll


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Very detailed and helpful. Xx

dorannedoll said...

u're most welcome :)

Victoria said...

Very insightful **thumbs up **

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Raola said...

Hi please do you know what I can use for acne...iv got oily skin
Thank you

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