Saturday, 27 August 2011

Super Bass!


    Hi dolls! My friend Ada came visiting today and as soon as she walked in with her mustard yellow top, purple jeans and Jet black hair; I knew I had to do a look on her! *hehe* The one person that kept coming to mind was Nicki Minaj and her flawless makeup in her SuperBass video. I particularly HEART the first look, it’s simple yet soo attractive! And Ada was just perfect with her bangs and light complexion.

Here's Nicki..

Now Ada!

    What I Used: 
  E.L.F primer
  120 eyeshadow palette
  12 colour lip palette
  F.M eyeliner
  Artmatic Lashes
  Mars Cocoa blush
  L.A Girl pink blush BL615
  L’oreal True Colour match powder
  Estee Lauder Sparkling Jewel compact
  MAC Studio Fix powder Nc45
  MAC Studio Fix  foundation Nc45

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Let's Get Dyeing!


    Here’s a quick post on how to dye a weave. 
      Now that we know how to carefully wash and condition our weaves (refer to REVIVE THAT WEAVE! If you don’t) what better way to change up our looks than getting highlights or even changing our hair colour! Cool huh?  Dyeing is actually not as complicated as a lot of you dolls think. What dye product to use, where to find a one (especially if you live in Lagos) and what colour is best for my skin tone are the questions you need to answer before you begin this process. 
I use Garnier (my friend Renis introduced me to the product) and Creme of nature. Other good dye products include: L’oreal Feria, Revlon colorsilk etc...
Revlon Feria

Revlon Colorsilk

Garnier Nutrisse

Creme of Nature

    All these products can be found in Nett Pharmacy, Pretty (Alade market), Yinka Bodyline, Shoprite etc.. If you live in the States or UK; getting any of these products shouldn’t be a hassle.
Depending on the product you're using, read the instructions carefully enveloped in the pack. 
                   1. Wear gloves
2.              2. Mix contents included in the pack excluding shampoo and conditioner
3.              3. Lay weave out on aluminium foil
4.              4. Apply mixture all over weave (I like to use my hands not a brush) ensuring that the dye gets to every strand .
           5. Wrap weave in foil or simply put in a plastic bag and seal
5.             6. Leave for 30minutes. (sometimes I leave mine for longer than that depending on the colour of the weave and the colour I’m dyeing the hair to)
6.             7. If shampoo is included, gently wash weave. If not, rinse till the water turns clear with luke warm water
7.             8. Apply conditioner and leave for 15minutes or more to allow it penetrate into weave.
           9. Dry with a blow dryer; apply a bit of serum and style!

          1. Avoid brands that contain Ammonia
          2. Use dye ONLY on dry hair
          3. Avoid dye from getting into eyes or on skin

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


    Hi dolls! I was hoping to post a tutorial on a look I did last weekend but whilst editing I found out the files were corrupted. L  but i promise to do one before the week runs out.
    In the meantime, I decided to do a post on how to get rid of under eye bags or dark circles as requested by a reader of this blog. Firstly, you need to find out the cause of your dark circles to be able to rightly know how to treat it. Some of the causes include, lack of sleep, allergies, ‘that time of the month’, lack of sufficient nutrients, stress and it might even be hereditary! 
    Sometimes, we react to certain foods and aren’t even aware of it; especially we Nigerians. Let’s admit it, eating right and staying healthy isn’t really our thing (If it tastes good, then it works!). How many of us actually drink at least 8glasses of water (me, I don’t or eat 5 different fruits a day? WE DON’T! So here are some habits you must get used to in order to get rid of those dark under eye circles:

1.    Avoid starring at coloured screens for too long (phones, ipads, tvs.. etc) and get enough sleep.
2.      Wear dark sunglasses and DON’T forget to use a sunscreen. (naija sun isn’t smiling). For those who live in Lagos, SPF 15 to 50 will do, those in Abuja and other extremely sunny areas can go beyond SPF 60 especially if you’re light skinned.
3.     Drink lots and lots of water! I’m still trying to get used to this (don’t judge me)
4.     Eat fruits everyday; this works wonders for entire skin. Trust me on this one!
5.     Avoid touching and rubbing eyes.
6.     Your concealer is your best friend during such trying times! Rather than rub-in, pat-on.

     Here are some popular natural techniques you can use:
         Shea butter (Ori) and Honey
  • -Mix shea butter with a bit of natural honey  to form a paste-like mixture.
  • -Apply lavishly to entire under eye area  just before you go to bed and leaveovernight 
  • -Dip some cotton wool into warm water to clean up under eyes just before bathing in the morning.
Slice cucumber into slices and place on each eye coupled with lying on your back for 10-15mins DAILY; Keep your eyes closed.
Place potato into a liquidizer to remove fluid in it and place the pureed potato on your eyes and leave for about 30mins whilst lying on your back and rinse off with warm water.
P.S  All techniques have to be done repeatedly over a period of time (i.e a month). In some cases, you might need to see a doctor or dermatologist to recommend products and drugs.
     I’m not a dermatologist or skin specialist. These are just what I’ve seen works. If you need me to recommend one, email me.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


  Hi dolls! I decided to do a post on how to revive that dry, tangled, flat and abandoned weave. These days, not many hair stylists condition weaves properly; they do a shabby job and use the wrong products which alter the textures of our 100% human hair weaves that cost a lot!  (those of us you who live in Lagos know exactly what I’m talking about) Be it Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Indonesian or Egyptian, here’s the perfect remedy to our problems, DEEP CONDITIONING!

     1.Shampoo and conditioner
Keracare for weaves and extensions
          Products like Keracare weaves and extensions, Pantene Pro-V, L'oreal Vive Pro etc.
     For curly weaves, stay away from Pantene Pro-V as it is silicone based

L'oreal Vive pro collection

Pantene Pro-V

1.     2. Serum/Hair polisher:   
             John Frieda, Olive oil or any other good products

John Frieda frizz-ease

Olive oil hair polisher

1.      3. Tiny rubber bands/ hair bubbles
2.      4. Hair brush and wide toothed comb
3.      5. Washing bowl
4.      6. Towel 
     7. Hot water


1.        1. Brush out weave to detangle it
2.        2. Roll lines back into bundles
3.        3. Put water into a bowl, add shampoo and mix
4.        4. Holding each bundle, dip into soapy water and shake
(u       (repeat this process 3 to 4 times)
      5. Replace dirty water with clean water.
          (dip and gently squeeze water out in a downwards motion) 
      6. Apply a generous amount of conditioner into bundles and comb out with a wide toothed comb
nt   7. Place bundles into bowl and 3 cups of hot water.
 j    8 .Cover the bowl with hair in it and leave for 10 to 15mins to allow conditioner  penetrate into hair 
g    9. Rinse and pat weave with a towel
    10. Dry hair using a bow dryer or sundry
    I like to add a bit of serum while the hair is still damp, then continue drying.
    P.S If you're going to style your weave afterwards with a straightener or tong, add a    bit of heat protection first. Olive oil heat protection serum or any other good one should do.

     It’s so simple, why pay someone to do it?!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Hi dolls! This is the first look on this blog woop woop! Lol. I’m such a sucker for purples and blues so I decided to show you how I would normally wear purple coloured eyeshadow.
P.S  this is NOT a day look!

taken with flash

taken in daylight
         What I used:
              Sleek eyebrow pencil colour 191
              Black Opal spot concealer (toast)
              Kirkland primer
              Mac sweet chestnut
              Black Opal wild orchid
              Beauty Rush plum crazy
              Sleek liquid eyeliner
              Bobby Brown pot liner
              Elf false lashes

             Mac studio fix foundation NW43
             L’oreal  liquid foundation Mocha 820
             Mac studio fix powder NW43
             L.A Girl blush
             Mars cocoa blush (for contouring)
            Jordana bronzer
            Random lipstick (nude)
            Sleek lipgloss Champagne



 Hi dolls! I’m soo excited to finally join the blogging world! It’s my first time doing this so please cut me some slack, lol. Allow me to introduce the sections on this blog:

My makeup looks – this basically shows pictures of different makeup looks; those I came up with, those that were inspired by other people and includes products I used.

Hair– everything you need to know about hair especially weaves, how to maintain, treat and even style them! Cool huh? There’ll be recreations of some of the styles I love and of course those that you recommend! Pictures of some of the weaves I have for sale and a client gallery.

Tutorials – this is one section I totally heart! I’ll be uploading makeup videos from my you tube channel that show step by step instructions on how to create different hair and makeup looks.

Reviews – swatches of lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, you just name it! It will also feature description of products, my experience while using them and of course my personal opinion.

Makeup Detention – this is one section i’m pretty sure you dolls will love! Different makeup looks by celebrities (especially our famous Nollywood stars) and random people from events will be put up. The idea is to applaud those who we love and advice those who we didn’t quite ...*lips sealed*
There will also be random posts on  experiences I desire to share with you dolls, please leave your comments and tell me what you’ll be expecting from this blog and any complains you might have.  Don’t forget to subscribe ;)  Muah!

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