Saturday, 13 August 2011


 Hi dolls! I’m soo excited to finally join the blogging world! It’s my first time doing this so please cut me some slack, lol. Allow me to introduce the sections on this blog:

My makeup looks – this basically shows pictures of different makeup looks; those I came up with, those that were inspired by other people and includes products I used.

Hair– everything you need to know about hair especially weaves, how to maintain, treat and even style them! Cool huh? There’ll be recreations of some of the styles I love and of course those that you recommend! Pictures of some of the weaves I have for sale and a client gallery.

Tutorials – this is one section I totally heart! I’ll be uploading makeup videos from my you tube channel that show step by step instructions on how to create different hair and makeup looks.

Reviews – swatches of lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, you just name it! It will also feature description of products, my experience while using them and of course my personal opinion.

Makeup Detention – this is one section i’m pretty sure you dolls will love! Different makeup looks by celebrities (especially our famous Nollywood stars) and random people from events will be put up. The idea is to applaud those who we love and advice those who we didn’t quite ...*lips sealed*
There will also be random posts on  experiences I desire to share with you dolls, please leave your comments and tell me what you’ll be expecting from this blog and any complains you might have.  Don’t forget to subscribe ;)  Muah!


Anonymous said...

Yaay!!...can't wait to see your hair tips...:D

Anonymous said...

Goody gosh!!! I'm so proud of you. Love it (everything). Read all the posts

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