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  Hi dolls! I decided to do a post on how to revive that dry, tangled, flat and abandoned weave. These days, not many hair stylists condition weaves properly; they do a shabby job and use the wrong products which alter the textures of our 100% human hair weaves that cost a lot!  (those of us you who live in Lagos know exactly what I’m talking about) Be it Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Indonesian or Egyptian, here’s the perfect remedy to our problems, DEEP CONDITIONING!

     1.Shampoo and conditioner
Keracare for weaves and extensions
          Products like Keracare weaves and extensions, Pantene Pro-V, L'oreal Vive Pro etc.
     For curly weaves, stay away from Pantene Pro-V as it is silicone based

L'oreal Vive pro collection

Pantene Pro-V

1.     2. Serum/Hair polisher:   
             John Frieda, Olive oil or any other good products

John Frieda frizz-ease

Olive oil hair polisher

1.      3. Tiny rubber bands/ hair bubbles
2.      4. Hair brush and wide toothed comb
3.      5. Washing bowl
4.      6. Towel 
     7. Hot water


1.        1. Brush out weave to detangle it
2.        2. Roll lines back into bundles
3.        3. Put water into a bowl, add shampoo and mix
4.        4. Holding each bundle, dip into soapy water and shake
(u       (repeat this process 3 to 4 times)
      5. Replace dirty water with clean water.
          (dip and gently squeeze water out in a downwards motion) 
      6. Apply a generous amount of conditioner into bundles and comb out with a wide toothed comb
nt   7. Place bundles into bowl and 3 cups of hot water.
 j    8 .Cover the bowl with hair in it and leave for 10 to 15mins to allow conditioner  penetrate into hair 
g    9. Rinse and pat weave with a towel
    10. Dry hair using a bow dryer or sundry
    I like to add a bit of serum while the hair is still damp, then continue drying.
    P.S If you're going to style your weave afterwards with a straightener or tong, add a    bit of heat protection first. Olive oil heat protection serum or any other good one should do.

     It’s so simple, why pay someone to do it?!


Anonymous said...

Good information

Anonymous said...

where can i get these products

dorannedoll said...

I'm assuming you live in lagos, you can find all of them at Goodies supermarket(Gra or Ikoyi), Net pharmacy(Opebi)and Vcare supermarket(Opebi)

adedoyin said...

Hello... Please, what can I use on my weave daily?? I used olive oil hair polisher but I didn't really like the texture after 3 weeks... Any other options,pls?

dorannedoll said...

I use Garnier Fructis sleek and shine anti-frizz serum and it's really good. However, I don't use it daily. You only need to use serum at most twice a week. Using it daily will make the hair greasy and flat.

adedoyin said...

Thank you very very very much.. I will look for it. Muaah

Anonymous said...

Hi theo
Pls can u post a tutorial on how to use bendy rollers....been trying to use them for months but I never get the effect I'm looking for. The hair doesn't curl well and then just goes flat after about an hour. Pls HELP!!!

dorannedoll said...

Hi doll! it sometimes depends on the texture of the hair but i'll do one soonest.*muah*

Anonymous said...

Thanks love...
Well I got most of them from u...ders Indian, uncan, Brazilian
Oh and another one dats really curly but also looks bohemian..I find it hard to run my hands through it. Any tips on that?

dorannedoll said...

for really curly hair, I advice you gently comb it out and then wet your fingers and run them through the hair

Anonymous said...

Ok. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I have a weave in now that is 3 weeks old. It Harlem 125 100% human hair. I went to salon and it shampoo. The hair still feels mice and the front flows but in the back it tangles and wads. What can I use to control the tangles

dorannedoll said...

You should use a conditioner after shampooing. Look for one that has detangling strength. Also leave in conditioner helps

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi there i shampoo & condition my Peruvian here with garnier fructis hydra recharge, the next day i went in had gotten wand curls, not even an hour later my hair was stiff, dry in the ends of my hair were rough, but that wasn't my first time getting wand curls which were perfect the first time which i had washed & condition my hair with TRESemme' keratin smooth, so my question is should i have not used the garnier fructis hydra recharge, or should i have used garnier fructis sleek and shine, or should i have stuck with the TRESemme'? And another ? I seen were u said u liked the garnier fructis anti freeze so could u please try to help me revive my hair with ur suggestions

Anonymous said...

I have Peruvian hair and I was told that using herbal essences hello hydration coconut oil infused shampoo and conditioner was a good product for that type of hair. Well the hair is constantly matting and tangling. Also it looks dry like straw! My question is where did I go wrong???

Anonymous said...

Hey its just one of those thing that happens to your hair when it does not get the right nutrients that it needs, or someone sold you not so good hair. I have however used a site that can fix thoes problems, It's called
www.Re-Vamped they have a local location close to where I live and they TOTALLY restored my weave..

Transcend said...

Thanks for the read i also do hair professionally and full time and will share your site on my blog when its posted if you would like to network contact me and we can exchange ideas on hair and hair products. hair salon niagara falls ny

Jonise Oliver said...

I used the Pantene V before I saw this post & now my hair is hard,tangles & gets extremely frizzy. Is there another shampoo I can use to revive the hair back?

Anonymous said...

hi Dorannedoll i bought brown sugar peruvian hair. it's tangled and now i dont know if it was oiginal. it was expensive and i dont want to feel like i wasted my money. i am in South Africa, please help

DY Hair777 said...

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hair products online said...

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Bea smarts said...

Lovely and very insightful post! But pls....did u say 3 cups of "hot water"? Together with shampoo on the hair?? Kindly clarify, cos i always had the impression hot water could damage human hair extensions.

Judith Collins said...

Thank you so much for this,I would try it out today.i have olive shampoo and Jane carter solution hydrate quench to revamp....pls are they good products and for Weaves such as South American hair or funmi hair how long am I supposed to leave it in the bending rollers after revamping it and sun-drying my hair?like a week or less? Also,how do I restore or revamp my kinky weave to make it look like a new weave that I have never fixed?

Riznis Viha said...

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Robin Jack said...

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Kumba Touray said...

Please help me to bring my wave hair to life

Harish Kumar said...

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