Thursday, 25 August 2011

Let's Get Dyeing!


    Here’s a quick post on how to dye a weave. 
      Now that we know how to carefully wash and condition our weaves (refer to REVIVE THAT WEAVE! If you don’t) what better way to change up our looks than getting highlights or even changing our hair colour! Cool huh?  Dyeing is actually not as complicated as a lot of you dolls think. What dye product to use, where to find a one (especially if you live in Lagos) and what colour is best for my skin tone are the questions you need to answer before you begin this process. 
I use Garnier (my friend Renis introduced me to the product) and Creme of nature. Other good dye products include: L’oreal Feria, Revlon colorsilk etc...
Revlon Feria

Revlon Colorsilk

Garnier Nutrisse

Creme of Nature

    All these products can be found in Nett Pharmacy, Pretty (Alade market), Yinka Bodyline, Shoprite etc.. If you live in the States or UK; getting any of these products shouldn’t be a hassle.
Depending on the product you're using, read the instructions carefully enveloped in the pack. 
                   1. Wear gloves
2.              2. Mix contents included in the pack excluding shampoo and conditioner
3.              3. Lay weave out on aluminium foil
4.              4. Apply mixture all over weave (I like to use my hands not a brush) ensuring that the dye gets to every strand .
           5. Wrap weave in foil or simply put in a plastic bag and seal
5.             6. Leave for 30minutes. (sometimes I leave mine for longer than that depending on the colour of the weave and the colour I’m dyeing the hair to)
6.             7. If shampoo is included, gently wash weave. If not, rinse till the water turns clear with luke warm water
7.             8. Apply conditioner and leave for 15minutes or more to allow it penetrate into weave.
           9. Dry with a blow dryer; apply a bit of serum and style!

          1. Avoid brands that contain Ammonia
          2. Use dye ONLY on dry hair
          3. Avoid dye from getting into eyes or on skin

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promise said...

Wow!ur heaven sent I was just going to ask hw to dye my weave!!thank u :)

Cremehoney said...

Nice one. When you said apply on only "dry" hair, can a weave with a bit of oil content be called "dry"?

dorannedoll said...

yess, it can. As long as it isnt wet, but try blow drying it first

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