Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tutorial! Flawless Bride

hi dolls!
Here's a tutorial and list of products I used to achieve the bridal look I posted a few weeks back :)


 EYES Rimmel brow pencil
Jordana style gel
 MUD fpundation GY1
Sleek storm palette
Maybelline trio
Mac manogold
Mac spiced chocolate
Maybelline studio drama gel liner
MUD black eye pencil

Bobbi Brown stick foundation Golden6
 MUD foundation GY1
Esteer Lauder powder

 Sleek Contour kit-medium
La Girl blush- Rouge BL651

NYX liner pencil- Auburn
No7 lipstick

Monday, 17 September 2012

Behind The Scenes: GIDI CULTURE

Hi dolls!
 Today I won't be doing my usual makeup or hair talk (actually, a little of hair). I'm sure a few of you have heard about Gidi Culture or seen the pilot. Not to worry if you haven't, this post gives you all the juicy details on the soon to come tv show.

"Gidi Culture" is representative of the Nigerian Youth, and draws from many of their experiences. The show follows several young people from different walks of life as they relate to each other under various climates of prosperity and privation often associated with life in Gidi (Nigeria). The show’s protagonist, Halima Dan-Ladi Adebayo, is a na├»ve upper class Nigerian frequenting graduate school abroad. When a critical accident occurs in her New York City apartment, Halima’s divorced Mother, Mariam Dan-Ladi, coerces her daughter to return to Nigeria indefinitely and attend the Lagos Business School. Life in Gidi exposes Halima to characters and practices that she once ignored and often never knew existed. Will she ultimately succeed in this challenge of familiarizing herself with Gidi Culture and come to terms with her new reality? Or will she plummet into bad company and fall prey to the enmity amassed by some of Nigeria’s frustrated youth? Only time will tell as life unfolds in “Gidi Culture.”

 I particularly love the story line and can't wait for it to drop! it kinda reminds me of "The Hills" Below are some behind the scenes photos. Guess who plays Fatima?

 P.S Some of the female casts are rocking Dorranne weaves in the actual show! *coolface*

Lead character- Halima
Production crew

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

LMUF Haul!

Hi dolls!

 I mentioned I was going to attend the Lagos Makeup Fair as the guest makeup artist for the BarryM stand which I did. It was so much fun and I got to meet some of you dolls and a couple of my favourite Nigerian bloggers!; I also did a lot networking with top shots in the beauty/media industry. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any pictures as I was really busy carving eyebrows, networking and talking makeup. However, I did buy me some makeup! So, here are pictures of all the stuff I got.  There was a very good turnout and I appreciate all of you who came through!(MUAH!)

BarryM 299 Racing Green N 960
BarryM 289 Gold N960
BarryM 301 Block Orange

Makeup cape N2000
Fashion Fair makeup bag
BarryM nail glitter 239 Lavender N1,260
Liz Yemoja N1000
Liz Yemoja Lashes N2000

NYX eyeshadow base - N2800
BarryM loose (I got two of these, will do swatches in another post)
ELF disposabble mascara wands- N1500
Taries Makeup World: http://tariesworld.com/
Elf crease/blending brush
Taries Makeup world:http://tariesworld.com/ 

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Thursday, 6 September 2012


Hi dolls!

I've been so busy of late that I've had little or no time to blog *apologies* Hopefully, I'll put up a few posts coming week :D For those of you who follow me on twitter, (Follow me if you haven't! Lol) I recently have been going on about the first Lagos Makeup Fair coming up this Saturday.
The event which is an initiative of POPS event promises to bring together some of the biggest brands in the beauty industry in Nigeria, together under one roof! Makeup brands, artistry brands, skincare, top nail technicians etc will all be present at the event! Sounds like fun, huh? DUH!
But here's the fun part, BarryM will also be launching at the event and guess who they contacted to be their guest makeup artist for the day??

ME!!!!!!!!!! Woop! Woop!

For all you makeup lovers and of course Dorranne dolls, visit the BarryM stand, purchase any item, and get your eyebrows carved for FREE! Makeovers will also be at a discounted rate, so drop by and get glammed up for your events that day! Can't wait to see you dolls there!

Venue: Our Place No 7 Olufunmilayo Okikiolu off Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos
Time: 10am

P.S 4 more days to the GIVEAWAY!

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