Wednesday, 12 September 2012

LMUF Haul!

Hi dolls!

 I mentioned I was going to attend the Lagos Makeup Fair as the guest makeup artist for the BarryM stand which I did. It was so much fun and I got to meet some of you dolls and a couple of my favourite Nigerian bloggers!; I also did a lot networking with top shots in the beauty/media industry. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any pictures as I was really busy carving eyebrows, networking and talking makeup. However, I did buy me some makeup! So, here are pictures of all the stuff I got.  There was a very good turnout and I appreciate all of you who came through!(MUAH!)

BarryM 299 Racing Green N 960
BarryM 289 Gold N960
BarryM 301 Block Orange

Makeup cape N2000
Fashion Fair makeup bag
BarryM nail glitter 239 Lavender N1,260
Liz Yemoja N1000
Liz Yemoja Lashes N2000

NYX eyeshadow base - N2800
BarryM loose (I got two of these, will do swatches in another post)
ELF disposabble mascara wands- N1500
Taries Makeup World:
Elf crease/blending brush
Taries Makeup world: 

Please nominate Here as best beauty blog! Thanks!


ibiayo said...

Loved meeting u.I love d idea of disposable mascara wands. I wish I'd gotten barrym nail polish, I didn't kno dey were actually dat nice till my friend wouldn't stop ravin abt dem later on.I wonder wat d difference is between d yemoja 1000 and 2000naira lashes. Please let us kno.Apparently dey had acrylic makeup stands at d sacred stand at d fair, don't kno how I didn't see dem.
Tnx again for my blessings and dat of my 3 younger cinderellas, fairy godmother :)

Your eldest cinderella

_ButterGurl said...

Thank you so much dorranne. Its one of the best birthday gift ever. Can wait to get it *screaming*

gimbiya maigida said...

Hahaha.Big fairy god sister nice one @odudubelubelu. Btw, looove d nail polishes nd der r certain make up items I neva knew existed like the eyeshadow base, prima, etc. Thanx to fairy god mother I'm learnin :)

~Jibby West~ said...

I did get a pic of you :p :))

dorannedoll said...

Yess! thankfully, I'll put it up in another post :)

Yewizzy said...

I just want all those nail polishes..So pretty esp the Racing Green..xx

Enkay said...

cute blog...lovely post..check mine out and follow if you like and i'll do same :-)

dorannedoll said...

Love the Racing Green too!

Ag said...

I bought a couple of Elf Brushes and they are okay, the Elf Foundation brush is now coming off a little, thank God I bought 2 and the high end one as well. As per your nail colors! I love them, I recently bought Essie and Chanel nail polishes, was it worth the money? *shrugs* but your colors looks so much prettier!!!

dorannedoll said...

Essie and Chanel make pretty nail polishes too and are very good! So, they're definitely worth your money.
I've never tried the Elf foundation brush before, I use their powder brush as a foundation brush and works very well!

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