Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tutorial! Flawless Bride

hi dolls!
Here's a tutorial and list of products I used to achieve the bridal look I posted a few weeks back :)


 EYES Rimmel brow pencil
Jordana style gel
 MUD fpundation GY1
Sleek storm palette
Maybelline trio
Mac manogold
Mac spiced chocolate
Maybelline studio drama gel liner
MUD black eye pencil

Bobbi Brown stick foundation Golden6
 MUD foundation GY1
Esteer Lauder powder

 Sleek Contour kit-medium
La Girl blush- Rouge BL651

NYX liner pencil- Auburn
No7 lipstick


ibiayo said...

You is looking very prettay! Wat mascara did u use or r u wearing falsies?

gimbiya maigida said...

Indeed flawless! LOVE d lipstick color

dorannedoll said...

thanks! I have falsies on doll :)

_ButterGurl said...

nicceee! pls what product did u use for ur nose and why??

Anonymous said...


dorannedoll said...

@ButterGurl I used a Sleek contour kit to make my nose look slimmer and Bobbi Brown highlighter palette to highlight

@anonymous Right now, I think at Blush Nigeria carries them

Anonymous said...

This is FLAWLESS! I wish I cud steal your skills dorranne. That reminds me. I'm thinking of getting some falsies from Konga.com. Lashes that look very natural and easy to use by myself. Pls help me decide between the "Red cherry Fashion Lashes(Black) -43", the "Benefit Naturally Lush Lashes" and the "Urban Decay Urban Lash -Hot number". Pls help.
Don't wanna buy what I'll be unable to use. Thanks dear

michelle said...

will be waiting for my reply dear

dorannedoll said...

I've not tried the Benefit Naturally, but it looks pretty decent. I've used the Urban Decay-hot number and was really disappointed. I'll recommend the Red Cherry anytime, it looks gorgeous! It has a very thin band (weft) which is good, but you need to be really careful in wearing them.

michelle said...

Oh, great. Thanks a lot dear. bUT Ermmm, careful as in, so it wont tear?

Anonymous said...

Pls what's d name of d eye pencil U̅ used and where can 1 gt it in lag? U̲̅ sed U̲̅ two, a pencil and anoda 1 τ̲̅ stay well, without feeling stcky

dorannedoll said...

I used Rimmel brow pencil in hazel, you can get it from www.konga.com

Anonymous said...

Nice cheek bone u got der

julz said...

In luv with your blog :*

dorannedoll said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! Keep it up. Please I want to ask, is it better,safe n cheaper to buy makeup on line or shop outlets. I sometimes don't know where to buy certain makeup.

dorannedoll said...

Hello @anonymous! It depends, as long as the prices are good and I'm sure they're original, I will buy

Anonymous said...

where you get your Sleek Contour kit-medium from?

dorannedoll said...

Any sleek outlet, check konga.com or jumia.com they should have

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