Monday, 27 August 2012

Mini Haul from Konga/Review of products

Hi dolls! From time to time, I will be showing you guys products that I buy, where I got them, prices and my thoughts after usage (reviews). All products were purchased on the Konga site, Let me know if you want more haul posts! Enjoy!

Revlon Illuminance cream eyeshadow-
Passion Fusion (the one with purples) and Eternal Summer. I've tried only the Eternal Summer and I'm not too happy with the pay off. I used the shimmery orange gold colour as an eyeshadow base and it was *blehh* I'll try it out as a face highlighter and let you guys know how it went
Urban Decay Lashes- Hot number
 This has to be the worst lashes ever! The weft was too thick to even glue on even after I tried trimming it a little. I Love the way it looks though but it's no use if it can't be used. This was about N1,350. I don't know if this is how all Urban Decay Lashes are, but this was more or less a waste :(
Revlon Lipstick- Sienna
Payoff is amazing! I only had it on for about 3hrs and I didn't need to touch even though I kept sipping white wine from a glass. This cost me N1,000
Revlon tweezers and Lash curlers.
Both get the job done! The tweezers are sharp and slanted to ease tweezing. Love it! They cost about N1,000 or less (not sure)
Revlon eyebrow styling gel.
 LOVE this product! I have been using one from Jordana for years now, but this beats that hands DOWN! Cost N750 
Revlon Colorstay lipliner- Mauve.
Love the colour but it has a bit of shimmer to it which is a bit weird. If you have very full lips, you might want to stay away from this. However, I like that it can pretty much be used with any Lipstick colour. It cost N1,000


ibiayo said...

J'adore konga. Dey r like crack to my soul. Got d revlon tweezers dat came wiv d lash curler as well..haven't used it yet. Myt try out d sienna payoff, Av lots of lipsticks/lipglosses frm dem which are amazing.
Perhaps TOO amazing, cos tara onize dual lipgloss goes for 1450 on konga (claims original price is 1620) while d EXACT lipgloss goes for 2750 on jumia who claims am even gettin a discount on it for 2750. Obviously its either jumia is being ridiculous or konga's selling fake (which I seriously doubt)
Konga's customer care is d best there is right now among online shopping in nigeria tho. Simply awesome.

P.s : sorry for the rant :)

ibiayo said...

*sienna not sienna

Michelle Emiaha said...

I haven't purchased any Revlon product. but from your review, i guess i'm gonna try them. *wink*

Alex Jacob said...

very nice product review. i haven't buy this Revlon products before this I will surely going to buy this lipstick i love the color. very nice thanks for the review.
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kavita sharma said...

very nice lip color I love the lip colors also very sooth texture of lipstick. Love this shade will try this shed soon. Thanks for this post.

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Ragini Sharma said...

Very nice post. I love the eye shadow..color and lip color very nice. Will ask for this eye shadow next when i will buy this.
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