Sunday, 12 August 2012

How to clean makeup brushes

Hi dolls! Happy sunday to you all! what's everyone doing today? I got a request from a viewer to do a post on how to clean makeup brushes, so I'm just going to tell you guys how I clean mine.

1. I wet the hairs of my brushes with warm water with the hairs facing downwards so water doesn't get into the handles or metal part

 2. Add a little shampoo and run brushes through them, gently squeezing out dirt from the hairs. I normally use Elf brush shampoo or the Pantene hair shampoo. You can honestly use any mild hair shampoo, baby shampoo or even a shower gel.

3. Once they've had a good bath, I rinse off all soap and dry with a clean towel.

4. Then I spray the Elf daily brush cleaner unto brush hairs, clean again with a towel and leave out to air dry.

The good thing about the Elf daily brush cleaner as the name suggests, is that it can be used daily. Just spray unto brush hairs and wipe against a clean cloth or towel and leave to dry. Surprisingly, it dries off quickly as opposed to when you actually wet, wash and rinse. Plus I love the aloe smell it's got!

How do you dolls clean your brushes?

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deolu said...

Bless u for this post! I usually just do d hot water method! How can I get d elf brush cleaner pls?

dorannedoll said...

Amen to that! I got mine from Brownies world on Opebi road, you could check there :)

fatima said...

Thanks a bunch for this amazing post. I'm sure my brushes wld be most happy.

dorannedoll said...

haha! I'm sure they will *muah*

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