Friday, 19 April 2013

Yaay or Nay? - NYX 'Perfect Red'

Hi dolls!

Remember when I used to do the ‘Yay or Nay’ posts? Well, they’re back and this time for good! Today, I’ll be reviewing NYX True Red Matte lipstick.
Here’s what it looks like:

And a swatch:

I bought this lipstick from Jennifer of Macquillage by Lisa for N2,000 at a beauty workshop sometime last month.

I’ve used it a couple of times and even on clients and it’s amazingggg! In my opinion, it’s the perfect dupe for MAC’s Ruby Woo. I know a lot of you are probably rolling your eyes and going ‘yeah right’. Trust me dolls, it’s that good. See some pictures of when I used it on myself and a client too:
Now tell me I’m wrong
The good thing about this product is that unlike the Ruby Woo which a lot of people find really dry, this isn’t as dry and cakey as the Ruby woo tends to feel on the lips


1. Packaging - Very good 
2. The Pay-off is excellent! what you see is what you get. You know those lipsticks you buy and then try on and you’re like, “but this isn’t what the colour looks like”. Exactly, this isn’t the case with this lipstick. 
3. Long wear- I had this on for more than 5hourrs, ate and dint need to retouch once! 
4. Price- Very affordable when compared to the likes of MAC, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, etc
5. Texture-  Majority of matte products tend to dry up the lips even after using a balm prior to lipstick application. This however isn’t the case with this product. Be sure to apply a balm first and you’ll be fine.

1    1.  Availability- For those of us who live  in Lagos, buying makeup here can be a struggle. I only recently found a store that stocks NYX in Lagos, still I can’t guarantee how often they’ll have this particular product.
     2. Although it does have staying power, the Ruby woo still beats this product in this area hands.
     3.  Odour- Smells decent nothing extraordinary.

    The Pros outweigh the Cons so it’s a YAY! Who else agrees with me?

 If you're looking to buy this lipstick, the following vendors carry this product:

    1.  Macquillage by Lisa.
         Email to:
   2. Gifty’s Daughter
       Address: 45, Toyin street, Ikeja, Lagos
   3. My Makeup


chuqqie said...

It looks awesome on u. Are u wearing a lip liner wt it?

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