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10 Must Have Make Up Brushes!

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I wrote a beauty article for TW Magazine, March edition on makeup brushes. I was super excited when I was approached and I hope you dolls grabbed a copy. If you didn't, not to worry; here's the entire article below. Share your thoughts!

"It is very satisfying to see that a lot of women are becoming more aware of the importance of makeup brushes and are not just leaving it to the professionals to acquire. However, majority do not know what to buy and with the gazillion different shapes, sizes and materials for brushes, the process of buying the right ones becomes pain staking.
Just like your powders eye shadows and foundations, makeup brushes are very essential in every makeup kit; and guess what? With only 10 brushes you can easily achieve a flawless look. Some come with natural hair bristles while others with synthetic. Depending on their function, natural bristles are easier to work with, and help the skin readily absorb makeup.

These 10 brush types are must haves!"

1.       Powder brush:   A powder brush should be full but moderately light with rounded edges so that it can be easily squeezed to work on areas such as underneath the eyes, corners of the nose, etc The fuller does not necessarily equate being better.

Sigma F30 Powder Brush

2. Foundation Brush: For a flawless finish, pick one that is round fluffy, and flat-tipped with synthetic hairs to help buff foundation into the skin.

Real Techniques Stippling brush

3.  Concealer Brush: Just like all other brushes, the concealer brush varies in size, shape and texture. It is appropriate to get one with firm fibres that are closely packed together. Always works well whether with a liquid or cream concealer.

Sephora blending brush

4.     Contour Brush: Depending on how big you are on contouring, your safest bet will be to buy a brush very similar to the blush brush but smaller, well tapered and angled. This way, it can also be squeezed when contouring the sides of the nose.

Mac 168 Contour Blush

5.  Blush Brush:  Your blush brush should have a well-rounded head with soft fibres to give that instant pop to the cheeks. Pick one with natural hairs for easy application.

Bobbi Brown blush brush

6.    Eye shadow Brush: Used in applying eye shadow colours to the eyelids, pick one that is flat and not so fluffy with natural hairs. Flat eye shadow brushes always guarantee a more pigmented outcome.

7. Blending Brush: This has to be one of my favourite brushes! It is so versatile that it can be used as a crease brush, concealer brush, blending brush and even for contouring the nose. Its sole purpose however is for blending out eye shadow colours and highlighting the brow bone.

MAC 286 Duo Fibre brush

8.  Eyeliner Brush: Select one that’s flat, slightly thin and angled. Good thing about this is that it can also be used to fill the eyebrows. Double action for the same price!

MAC 208 Angled brush

9.  Eyebrow Brush: There is absolutely nothing like well-groomed eyebrows! The instant transformation it gives to one’s face is unbelievable! The eyebrow brush serves two purposes: to help brush brows before filling it with a pencil or powder; and to help blend out harsh lines after using a pencil or powder. In this instance, synthetic brushes especially those made from nylon are best.

ELF brow and Comb

10.Lip Brush: I know some of you are wondering, “Why do I need a lip brush”? Truth is, it is more hygienic to use a lip brush when applying lipsticks and lip-glosses. It also helps to blend out with strong lines made whilst lining the lips.

Estee Lauder F35 Lip Brush

Culled from TW Magazine, March 2013.


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