Friday, 16 November 2012

Reviews: Revlon Total Face Cream and Urban Decay Lipstick

Hi dolls!

My sincere apology for the lack of posts lately, my schedule has been crazy! But I'm glad to be back.
I promised to put up review posts on some new products I acquired last month. So here are two of them:

1. Revlon Total Control Face Cream

This cream actually works to an extent. I haven’t used it so many times but it does control oil as it says on the pack. However, my face tends to be extremely oily most times; so it’s very difficult to find a product that actually controls oil for a long period of time.

I would say this product is fair enough, and for the price as well, not so bad! It kept my face matte for about 3-4 hours or there about. That’s pretty decent considering how oily my face can be. Contains SPF 8 which is a plus, but you'll need more than SPF8 to survive in Lagos. 

I currently use it for makeovers on my clients and it’s definitely a product I will recommend for people with combination skin.

It cost N1,400 and can be bought HERE

2. Urban Decay Gravity lipstick

My very first Urban Decay lipstick and I’m not so disappointed. I have a palette, and two single eye shadows from the brand which are excellent! Although it looks half a shade lighter than I expected, the colour in reality is still very pretty. It is not very pigmented but it has a strong staying power, you literally don’t need touch ups.

The product is quite minty, which I don’t mind. But if you’re one who dislikes the idea of stinging sensations, this lipstick is certainly not for you!

1. Lasts for hourssss!
2. Pretty colour, best described as wine
3. Love the packaging

1    1. The colour wasn’t exactly what I expected
2    2.  Not so pigmented
3    3.   Its minty content can be a little annoying


Lipstick swatch

Both products can be purchased from
P.S These reviews are solely my personal opinions based on usage of both products.


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