Monday, 29 October 2012

Another Makeup Haul!

Hi dolls!

 Here are a couple of items I purchased last week. I’ll definitely be doing a review later on, but not on all of them. If you like any particular products and will like to see a review, please let me know in the comment box or tweet me @dorrannedoll

1. Revlon Color Stay Foundation Caramel and rich Tan
Place of Purchase:
Price: N2,350

I initially got the Caramel then got the Rich Tan days after.

Revlon color Stay Foundation- Caramel

2. Revlon Quad Palettes
Place of Purchase:
Price: N900 each

3. Black Oil Blocking Powder

    This loose powder is the BOMB! Another product I always carry around
    Place of Purchase:
    Price: N2,000 (not sure)

4. Revlon lip gloss- Glossy Rose
    Price: N1,700

without flash

With flash

5. Revlon Lipstick -Love that Red   
    Place of Purchase:
    Price: N2,200

Revlon 'Love that Red' Lipstick swatch

6. NYX 'Butter' Lipstick
   I always have this lipstick in my bag. Love it too much! I got it at the Lagos Makeup fair but I forgot to    include it in the ahul post from the fair.
The price was wayy over inflated but I bought it anyway at the Gifty's daughter stand.
Price: N2,800 (I think...)

NYX lipstick swatch
7. CALA crease brush
Stumbled on a line of brushes at the Casabella store over the weekend. I have already used this product and I'm loving it! Definitely going to be reviewing this item.
Oh and it cost N2,800

Cala crease brush


Anonymous said...

Hey do u use the black opal invisble powder to set your whole face?

dorannedoll said...

Yes I do. Most times I use it for touch ups

Anonymous said...

pls i'll like the review on the revlon colorstay foundation and is it suitable for persons with oily skin? tanks

sucre said...

Im also about to purchase the revlon color stay foundation. Ive read so many interesting reviews about it for oily skin. Should i get the caramel or Cappuccino? Im a NW45 MAC shade. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wot colour should I get in the color stay foundation.. I use Nw45 mac..Thanks

dorannedoll said...

@Sucre Caramel and Capuccino are from different lines, either one will work
@Anonymous Caramel

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