Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hi dolls! I'm SUPER excited to finally put up a tutorial especially after all the hassles I went through. I know it took a while but hey! better late than never.
I decided to do a smokey eye series starting with something simple and easy to grab.

PLEASE leave your comments below and request what looks you would want me to do next. Thanks dolls! *muah* #



shawllar said...

i love the look,i ave a very thin eyebrow ow can i mke dem full like urs/

dorannedoll said...

I'll post an eyebrow tutorial for ya!

Anonymous said...

This is simply gorgeous,waiting on more tutorials,maybe the next one should have a bit of color

dorannedoll said...

thanks doll! i'll put up a purple smokey eye next :)

Temitayo said...

Hi Theo. I really love your blog and think you should keep it up. So simple I experimented with the tips and I didn't do badly. Keep it up girl!!!


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