Monday, 18 February 2013

Smart Shield Sunscreen

Hi dolls!

I was recently sent a sunscreen product to try out and review. So I thought it best to do a quick write up on sunscreens and their advantages. For those of you who live in hot climates like myself, you’ll find this post very interesting.

We all know what sunscreens are right? In case you’re unsure, a sunscreen is simply a product that helps protect the skin from sunrays which could lead to sunburns and even cancer.
I’ve always had trouble finding the perfect sunscreen; it’s either I found them too thick that it makes me sweat ridiculously, or hard to completely blend in that it leaves like a white/pale tone to my skin, there was just always something I couldn’t stand. However, they are very essential for any beauty regime and so everyone should own one or at least use a lotion that contains SPF.

How to Use a sunscreen

Using a sunscreen can be really tricky. If you read the instructions on the back of most sunscreen products, you’ll see notes guiding you on how to use such a product. When using any sunscreen, it is important to follow these steps:
1. Apply 20-30 minutes before going outdoors. It takes about that time for skin to actually absorb the product, thereby creating a sort of film which will help protect the skin from sun rays

2. Apply liberallllllly. I cannot stress this enough. Here’s the thing, if you want your sunscreen to do its job, you need to pack it on. Using it as if you’re applying body lotion/cream won’t get the job done; this is one of the reasons why I don’t use sunscreens on my face. I just rather use my face cream which contains SPF 15.

3. Most products advise you stay away from the sun especially within the hours of 2 and 4pm because of harsh sunrays (not that I’ve ever understood this, seeing as it somewhat questions the efficiency of sunscreens), but be sure to keep your sunscreen close by at all times.

The name of the product is Smart Shield Serious Sun Protection SPF 30. I’ve used it a couple of times and honestly, I’m impressed so far. Although I haven’t tried using it on my face yet, I think it’s a fantastic product.

-It comes in a 148 ml bottle which looks alright (very basic)
-Very light and easy to apply
-A little greasy but tends to dry off in a few seconds
-Odour is ok. Pretty much smells like every other sunscreen
-It did make me sweat a little, but nothing unbearable
-Contains SPF 30 which is just ideal for the Lagos weather
-The best part, it does NOT leave that funny whitish colour on your sin. It’s super easy to blend in!

Here’s what it looks like

In all, the Smart Shield Serious Sun Protections is a YES for me! If you’re looking to cop one, it’s available at:

Ebeano Supermarket, off Admiralty road Lekki 1

Mophet pharmacy 

Medvac pharmacy

Health plus pharmacy (coming up soon)

Spar supermarket (coming up soon)

**Price is between N2500 and N2800 depending on the store.


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