Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tutorial: From Simple to Stunning!

Hi dolls! In preparation for the coming weekend, I put up a tutorial on how to easily glam up an everyday look. This is more like a 'Part 2' of the Neutral/Everyday Look! I put up a few days ago. If you're thinking purple lipstick is a bit too loud or dramatic, you can always use pink (e.g Vivaglam, Girl about town) and even red (Ruby woooooooo! lol)  lipstick to glam it up. I hope you dolls like it and tell me what you think!

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Anonymous said...

what lip liner and lipstick did you use please? lovely tutorial. also what lip liner do you recommend for ruby woo?
Your tutorials are good!! watch them always. keep it up xx

dorannedoll said...

Thank u soo much! I used Sleek lip liner in blackberry and Sleek lipstick in amethyst. For ruby woo, you can use
Mac's Cherry lip liner or
LA Girl Smooth plump or even
Maybelline super stay lip liner in Bordeaux.

mawureh said...

very nice! eerrr what foundation and powder would you recommend for oily skin? and where can i get all these brushes?

dorannedoll said...

thanks! tbh my favourite foundations are sorta oil based, but try Revlon color stay or Maybelline mousse foundation. You can get some of them at Casabella or any random beauty store

Fatima said...

What lipstick did u use and how can i get a good foundation for my skin. please do a tutorial on cleaning and care of make up especially brushes.

dorannedoll said...

Sleek- amethyst. My favourite foundations are Bobbi Brown, Mac, L'oreal True match and Maybelline mousse foundation. I'll do a post on it tomorrow. *muah*

Anonymous said...

Do we have to line our lips before using the lipstick + I'm just a powder and foundation I have to use concealer n all that other stuff u listed above to get that look? Thanks

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