Saturday, 16 June 2012

Requested: An Everyday Foundation Routine

Hi dolls! If you use foundation on a daily basis, here's a video on how to prep, prime and apply foundation suitable for everyday looks. *muah*


sucre said...

Thanks Doranne for all the tutorials. I keep learning new things everyday and i get lots of compliments these days, thanks to you. I have some questions thou. After your normal cream, do you still use a moisturiser for the face? Does the primer go 1st before the moisturiser or the moisturiser before the primer? Also does powder and foundation have to be the same shade? I'm always confused about this. Thanks

dorannedoll said...

Hello Sucre,
I mostly use the Clean and Clear moisturiser on clients because I have a daily moisturiser already. However, I use the Clean and Clear occassionally.
Some people use primer first, then moisturiser; but these days I do moisturiser then primer. About foundation and powder, it really depends on ur skin undertone. I use Mac NW45 studio fix powder but the studio fluid foundation is too dark for me. Just find what best suits you, it sometimes may not be the same.

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